Test · Clinical Study

Test · Clinical Study

CELLRETURN has proven results from 140,000 hours of work, through conducting numerous clinical trials on our products' efficacy and safety with international professional clinical study sites and authorized bodies.

트로피 아이콘



Ocular safety test completed

A photobiologic safety test was conducted to evaluate the safety of the CELLRETURN LED Mask's output light following a contract with Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL), a certification authority, and SGS, an international certification agency, according to International Standard Specifications (IEC62471) and the "lowest risk grade (exempt)” for eyes and retina has been granted.

방패, 별 아이콘



Clinical trial for eye safety completed

A clinical trial was conducted by IEC Korea, an international clinical trial site and I.E.C Group member, and a "very good" designation has been granted for the ocular safety of the CELLRETURN LED Mask.

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안구 인체적용시험 결과

Clinical trial for efficacy completed

A clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of the CELLRETURN LED Mask and Neckle RAY was conducted by P&K Skin Research Center Co., Ltd.