CELLRETURN BEAUTIFUL LIFE actively participates in society by demonstrating its appreciation to its customers and the local communities for the love it has received from them, taking the lead in showing the true meaning of sharing as a corporate citizen.



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Beginning with its social-contribution agreement with the Bestian Foundation, which promotes self-confidence restoration, social-rehabilitation support, and prevention projects for burn patients, CELLRETURN has been actively bringing about beautiful changes in the world by utilizing its expertise in skincare and sponsoring various activities and events for many years. These efforts include donating LED masks and making monetary contributions to help restore burn patients’ confidence, and holding the “Make the World Safe, Make People Beautiful” video competition to raise people’s awareness of burn patients.


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After taking its first step with a project to help aging villages by improving the residential environment for wrestling prodigy Lee Yoo-shin, who signed a sponsorship agreement with CELLRETURN in March 2019, CELLRETURN’s volunteer group, “Beautiful Companion,” has been supporting various activities requiring local workers. Moreover, CELLRETURN has been thinking about a future where all people grow together, and has been exerting tireless efforts to realize this vision through the win-win support of its partners.


게시물 이미지
Starting with its long-term support project for wrestling prodigy Lee Yoo-shin, CELLRETURN has been leading the cultivation of future talent through academy-industry cooperation and scholarship donations, such as a sponsorship grant for an opera prospect chosen by NYIOP Korea.